Brrrr... Must Be The Season Of Reform!

Chilly weather greets the Hub of the Universe today, bringing to mind the line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Winter changed into spring, spring changed into summer, summer changed back into winter, and winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight on into autumn.

It also brings to mind what I wrote about the change of seasons five months ago:

Back in January, Governor Deval Patrick declared a "season of significant government reform" on Beacon Hill. Well, apparently that season was neither winter nor spring.

I wonder what season Patrick will declare it to be in his next State of the Commonwealth speech, two months from now. I imagine that Joan Vennochi will still be waiting for Anthony Galluccio to tell us whether he recklessly endangered the citizenry by driving drunk, or is merely a scofflaw and a prick for fleeing the scene of an multiple-passenger accident. The Senate President will be refocussing her attention at that point, after spending the prior three months demanding financial fealty from special interests as Martha Coakley's top fundraiser; but I'm sure there will be no rewards or repurcussions looming. (In case anyone missed her involvement, Coakley's campaign has now officially announced Therese Murray's endorsement three separate times.) Perhaps legislators will be expressing their shock and dismay over some additional allegations of Sal DiMasi's criminal behavior as Speaker -- although, presumably, not saying anything critical of Sal publicly. (From today's Herald:  ' “People are in shock,” said another Democratic state representative, who asked to remain anonymous.' Seriously? You're not willing to be named saying that?) That absence of disapproving voices will join with the silent chorus of non-existent criticism from state legislators failing to express any outrage that Mayor Thomas Menino's staff has stonewalled and hidden documents (you know how much they care now about government transparency and the disinfectant of sunlight, and such) pertaining to the investigation of their disgraced colleague Dianne Wilkerson, the details of which I know they're just aching to get to the bottom of.

Brrrrr -- feels like we gave spring and summer a miss; maybe this winter will be the season of reform.

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