Capuano & Pagliuca -- Sites & Ads

Steve Pagliuca, who officially announced his candidacy for US Senate today, also launched a web site to help introduce himself to the voters of the Commonwealth, who have little idea who he is. The site seems heavy on Celtics green (he is co-owner of the team), and includes a 30-second introductory ad, which I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of on the airwaves in the next 48 hours or so. Man is this race shaping up good for the local TV stations! The ad is called "Listening, Leading," and doesn't seem to tell us much about his qualifications for Senate except that he has quickly mastered the art of reading off a teleprompter. The site also has a bio in which the important takeaway points are bold-faced, which I'm guessing is an old HBS/Bain technique. And, strangely, the site is set up to accept contributions, in case you want to help defer a small portion of however many of his many many millions he intends to spend.

Michael "Call Me Ted" Capuano is also up with his web site and first ad, even though he isn't "officially" declaring his candidacy until tomorrow. Capuano's clearly wants to convince you that he's as close to being Ted Kennedy as you can get in this race, what with the actual Kennedys taking a pass. The site also has a bio that seems to have a lot of interesting information, but it's all in small print and none of it is bold-faced, so I'm not really sure what it said.

Martha Coakley has had her site up for a while already, and while she's not ready with a TV ad yet, she does have a very bad video in which she seeks to demonstrate that A) she's totally about health care, just like Ted K, and B) unlike Pagliuca, she has not yet mastered the art of reading off a teleprompter. Other than that, it's a pretty sharp-looking web site. 

By the way, Scott Brown is up with a page-front web site, where you can contribute and sign up to be first to see the actual web site when it launches. And no site yet from not-officially-announced Alan Khazei -- who, a little birdie tells me, has rented out Faneuil Hall on Sept. 29 for some sort of event....

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