They're In, They're Out, They're All About

I'll have an overview of the US Senate race in this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- and I wish the damn players would stand still long enough for me to get a snapshot.

Stephen Lynch unexpectedly announced this morning that he will not run (must have been a bad, bad poll I'm guessing), which leaves Somerville's own Michael Capuano as the only Congressman in the hunt. Martha Coakley is the only statewide officeholder (current or former) to jump in. And now we have two people who fit my "Chris Gabrieli type" profile: Alan Khazei, co-founder of CityYear, and Stephen Pagliuca, Celtics co-owner and Bain Capital wunderkind.

And I'm still of the belief that Vicki Kennedy is sizing it up, but there's been nothing new on that front.

And as it stands, with the field whittled down to a mere two officeholders, you have to wonder whether somebody lower on the ladder jumps in -- a state senator, say -- who can use the race to build a statewide name and organization. (Like how then-state rep Jamie Eldridge ran for Congress and then breezed into a state senate seat.)

Meanwhile, Scott Brown looks like he's the GOP's last, best hope for the race. Unless Mihos changes his mind again.

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