Crazy About Khazei?

Last week, in a "Who might run" Senate overview post, I suggested that we might see: 

A Chris Gabrieli type. Massachusetts has got civic-minded, policy-minded people outside the elected-office circuit, loaded with money. I don't see Gabrieli as a candidate for this one (although who knows?), but I've got a couple of other possible names in mind. I'll keep you posted.  

I specifically had in mind City Year co-founder Alan Khazei -- who, we learn today from the Globe, is in fact looking at running. (I realize I get no credit for now claiming, after the fact, that I was prescient about this.)

It will be easy to dismiss Khazei out-of-hand: he's no household name, he's got no campaigning experience, and -- no offense intended -- I haven't noticed Gabrieli actually winning any of those races.

But I wouldn't be so sure. I think he could potentially be a significant factor, and he certainly would stand out from the career pols. Keep an eye on him, is all I'm saying.

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