Comrades Markey & Waxman

Club for Growth has given its May "Comrade of the Month" award to Massachusetts's own Ed Markey, and California Rep. Henry Waxman, for their energy bill.

I had previously noted that CfG seemed intent on reinforcing the old canards of Jewish and homosexual Commies, because its first "Comrade" award went to Barney Frank, who fits both stereotypes, and the second went to Arlen Specter (co-winner with with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins), who is Jewish.

But then, March and April went to Comrades Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. So then I was annoyed because the Boston area was tied with the San Francisco area in CfG-certified Commies, and as you know I like for Boston to lead SF in these competitions.

There was some indication that the fifth installment might go to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, which would have left me pondering whether to count that as a second  insinuation that homosexuals are Commies -- sure, Crist insists that he's not gay, but do you think CfG believes that?

But Waxman is definitely Jewish, which makes three in five months; and Markey is definitely Boston-area, giving two to the home team. (Waxman is southern Cal, not Bay area.) And I think we've got a great shot at a third soon, with Sen. Kennedy pushing his health care reform bill.

Markey is the first white Christian male to take the honor. He is, however, Roman Catholic -- as are Pelosi and Collins. Snowe is Greek Orthodox. In fact, Obama is the only Protestant Comrade to date, out of the eight winners.

It's been a banner month for Markey -- he and Waxman also won the "Porker of the Month" award for May from Citizens Against Government Waste.

Ed Markey: Commie Porker.

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