SCOTUS Pick And Harvard Law

Five of the current Supreme Court Justices hold JDs from Harvard Law, and with one of them -- David Souter -- now stepping down, thank goodness we have a Harvard Law man in the White House to ensure that the majority is retained. Right?

At least, that's what they've got to be thinking across the river in Cambridge these days.

As they look at the currently circulating "short list" of the six alleged candidates for the job, they must be assuming that the three without Harvard sheepskin are just for show, right?

I mean, sure, you've got to put a Yale Law alum on the list (Sonia Sotomayor) for show. But, I mean, Yale.... c'mon, Obama pick someone from Yale Law? As in, Yale Law that gave diplomas to Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas? I don't think so.

And it's charming that the list has Diane Wood of the University of Texas Law School, and Janet Napolitano of the University of Virginia Law School. Hey -- don't get me wrong, good schools. Just not, you know, Harvard.

You see, for the past 30 years, Supreme Court Justices come mostly out of Harvard (7) and Yale (2), with Stanford (2), Northwestern (1), and Columbia (1) considered acceptable.

Three people have been nominated during those 30 years with law degrees from other schools; none were confirmed.

And besides, do you have any idea how much money Harvard Law alumni contributed to Obama's campaign?

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