Q&A #1 -- At-Large Council Prediction?

"First" steps up first with a question for Ask Me Anything Day:

Now that it looks like everybody who's gonna run for [Boston City Council] at large has officially declared, who do you think the 4 winners are and in what order. Also as a bonus question will you endorse 4 now or at a later point?

I knew, and feared, that I would get this question. Honest to goodness, I can't even guess which candidates are going to get enough signatures to be on the preliminary ballot.

But I never shrink from the challenge -- especially on Ask Me Anything Day -- so here goes.

1) John Connolly; 2) Ayanna Pressley; 3) Steve Murphy; 4) Ego Ezedi.

Please, please, please, before beating me up too much, remember that this is just my best prediction based on my best guesses about a variety of currently unknowable factors -- from campaign organization to turnout (which could vary significantly depending on what happens in the mayoral primary). 

As for the second question, that will be an editorial decision made at a much later date. (I don't personally endorse candidates.) My guess is that the Phoenix will endorse for at-large in the general election, but not for the preliminary. But, I think it is likely that the paper will endorse for mayor in the prelim, so perhaps that will spur a decision to endorse for council then as well. 

Thanks for the questions!

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