GOP: More Unpopular Than Ever!

I've lately been suggesting, in quite strong terms, that the national GOP has done a poor job in the role of political opposition. Now comes a new CBS News/ New York Times poll showing Barack Obama with a 66% approval rating -- and the Republican Party roughly as popular as toe fungus.

Asked "Which party is more concerned about people like you?", just 22% say Republicans (57% say Democrats). Seems to me, if your base of support has shrunk to less than a quarter of the population, you have a problem.

From the report (emphasis added):

And by more than three to one, most trust the President (63%), not Republicans in Congress (20%) to guide the country’s economy.

In terms of keeping the nation safe, too, the President is favored. 61% think the President will make the right decisions about the country’s safety, while just 27% think Republicans in Congress will do so.

Overall opinion of the Democratic Party is the same as it was last fall, with a majority of 56% of Americans viewing that party favorably. Meanwhile, views of the Republican Party have dropped. Now only 31% of Americans view the Republican Party favorably – a drop of five points from last fall and lowest rating ever recorded for that party.

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