Ask Me Anything Wednesday, 2/18

Our last Ask Me Anything day was great -- I got a lot of terrific questions, and at least some of my answers were not immediately proven wrong. Score!

Since then, much has happened: a federal stimulus bill, a complete change of leadership at the Mass. House of Representatives, a Boston mayoral race (although not yet including the incumbent, Mayor McChicken), an about-face from Sen. Gregg, and a million-and-one other items of interest.

Feel free to ask me anything you'd like about these or anything else on your mind, and I will do my best to provide an answer, a guess, an opinion, an analysis, a rumor, or a wild speculative hunch. Leave your questions as comments to this post, and I will answer in separate posts throughout the day. (If you're having trouble leaving a comment, you can email me at Thanks!

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