Yes He Can -- Now, Can Yoon?

The iron, one would think, is now hot: Boston is abrim with yea-sayers, high on political Yes We Can-do spirit. As the buzz fades, they will surely seek another dose; another promising, blank-slate candidate who personifies change, whose very election provides the endorphin-rush of evidence of the triumph of our own better natures.

It seems likely that Sam Yoon will fairly soon announce his intent to ride this wave across the fifth-floor corridors of City Hall. I have no idea whether he can fill the role, or whether the Hub has the interest and the energy to oust an incumbent. It is worth noting that, while the city voted heavily for both Deval and Barack, neither were facing an incumbent. It is equally worth noting, however, that in both campaigns the incumbent mayor was on the wrong side of Tomorrow, putting his name and political muscle behind Tom Reilly and Hillary Clinton -- the very living definitions of entrenchment.

The conventional wisdom around town is that city elections, especially in Boston, are not about hope and change, they are about political machinery and city mechanics. Anecdotal experience suggests that a small army of believers plans to put that to the test.

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