Dissecting The RNC Chair Candidates

Morton Blackwell, an elder statesman of the conservative movement, recently sent a 37-part questionnaire to each of the six remaining declared candidates for chair of the Republican National Committee. The responses have been released, and I've gone through the 30,000 words so you don't have to. Here are my thoughts; I'll go in alphabetical order.

Saul Anuzis. Stylistically, Anuzis does the least pandering to the conservatives -- he only uses the word "conservative" or a variant six times, by far the least of the group, and prefers the term "center-right." Many of his answers are brief, even terse. On the other hand, those answers are unequivocally in line with the hard-line assumptions behind Blackwell's queries. For example, asked whether he has read and agrees with the (extremely conservative) 2008 party platform, Anuzis simply answers "Yes. Yes." Will that be seen as failing to explain himself, or admirably standing up for the platform?

Ken Blackwell. Comes across as the most eager to suck up to the hard-core right wing of the party. Manages to sneak in shots at liberals, ACORN, gay marriage, and the liberal media wherever possible. Blames the GOP's current problems on external factors (Iraq, the economy), and says that the problems will vanish if the party sticks to conservative principals. Has a weird fascination with running medical doctors as GOP candidates.

Katon Dawson.

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