Speaking Of Republican Chairmanships...

Apparently you're nobody if you're not mentioned as a possible chair of the Republican National Committee. I've been talking a lot about SC party chair Katon Dawson, who I put on my "25 Scariest Conservatives" list, but there are about 800 other rumored candidates -- not to mention that the existing chair, Mike Duncan, wants to stay on. Dawson's chances might be fading, according to The Hill, because it turns out that at the country club he belonged to for years, the "whites-only" policy was referring to people. Who knew? I'm sure Dawson thought it meant shoes, but you know those Republican National Committeemen and -women, they're all PC about that kind of thing.

Just in the last few days Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele have gotten their names into the conversation, although Gingrich has since claimed disinterest. (So has Mitt Romney, in case anyone thinks to ask.) Steele has risen to prominence, as I have often chronicled, by virtue of his being one of the two black men willing to speak at Republican Party press conferences. Ex-congressman Jim Nussle of Iowa is another name being tossed around, along with several state party chairs. Mike Huckabee's campaign manager Chip Saltsman is running, presumably as the funny-name option.

Today it's Fred Thompson, who I can only wish for given how amusing his Presidential campaign was. Also Michigan party chair Saul Anuzis, who is the tech-savvy candidate, which you can tell because he -- really -- announced his candidacy for RNC chair today via Twitter.

The election doesn't happen until January, so there's plenty of time for everyone and his brother (Jeb Bush?) to go in and out of the rumor cycle. Plenty of lobbying will take place at the Republican Governors Association conference starting tomorrow -- another dwindling GOP group.

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