New In The Phoenix: State And Local Political Fortunes

In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- in print tomorrow, online now -- I have two articles.

In the Talking Politics column, I look at how the national financial crisis could affect the political fortunes of some of Massachusetts's top political figures -- beginning with Treasurer Tim Cahill. After I put the article to bed, word came that the state pension fund has lost $8 billion this year -- half of that last month alone. Surely nobody will blame him for what were obviously forces beyond his control, you say? Ask former-Treasurer-but-not-quite-governor Shannon O'Brien, as I did:

“[Mitt] Romney basically blamed me for the stock-market crash,” says O’Brien. “You can be doing the best job in the world, and they’re only going to see the latest numbers.”

That article is here: Financial Fallout.

In the second article, I look at the re-assessment of political fortunes within City Hall, in light of the suddenly not-so-secret mayoral ambitions of city councilor Sam Yoon. That article includes what was, at the time I put it to bed, the previously untold news that Mike Ross had secured the votes to become council president next year. Today, Ross publicly announced it. Congratulations to him, and read the article for more: City Hall Domino Effect.

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