Guess The "Election '08" Plot Twist!

Like many regular viewers of the current season of the "Election '08" semi-reality show, I have enjoyed watching co-leading character "John McCain" and his crew trying to take down the rival gang's leader, "Barack H. Obama" with things like William Ayers, ACORN improprieties, and other devices -- and I have believed all along that those are red herrings; single-episode diversions (like the Russian in the snow on Sopranos!).

But today my eyes were opened -- and my interest piqued -- by a post from the esteemed, if somewhat deranged, Erick Erickson, editor of the popular conservative blog RedState. Erickson claims to have seen script pages from upcoming episodes, which show that in fact these seemingly minor sub-plots will coalesce around a dramatic "reveal" a la The Usual Suspects:

And the separate plots begin to connect. The ACORN narrative, the Ayers narrative, the foreign donor narrative — they intersect, combine, tangle, and paint a very ugly picture of Barack Obama. What Obama did on the board with the Annenberg money and what he'd do with your money come in to the narrative. But I'm told there will be a surprise twist in this plot that will make it even neater to watch unfold.

Erickson's early review promises that the late-season episodes will be "tumultuous and fun."

So, does anyone have any guesses about the nature of the upcoming "Bruce Willis is dead too!" shocker?

My guess: secret videotape of Obama, Ayers, and other Chicago-area radicals at a convention of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America. The super-scandalous Obama-DSA connection was briefly raised much earlier in the season, but re-emerged unnoticed in the background of yesterday's "Town Hall debate" episode.

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