Debate-Day Activities For Liberals

During the day:

--Attend a prayer vigil for Sarah Palin at the debate site in St. Louis, or organize one yourself.

--Keep your Internet tubes clear so you can receive news of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens's hearing on a motion to dismiss his criminal corruption charges.

--Watch the way Joe Biden should really try not to patronize a female VP opponent.

--Prepare your bid on one of John McCain's homes.

--Purchase and read Jim Lehrer's mystery novels, to determine the bias that surely caused him to throw the first debate for Obama, the way Gwen Ifill is expected to throw tonight's debate for Biden.  Also read reminiscences from Tom Brokaw and Bob Schieffer for clues to how the final two Presidential debates will be skewed by the elite liberal coastal media.


Just prior to the debate:

--Drink a six-pack, to become mentally sympatico with Palin.

--Review a list of Sarah Palin lies so you recognize them as they go by.


During the debate:

--Mute the audio when Ifill speaks, then see if you can determine the question from Palin's rambling, vague, incoherent answer.

--See if you can spot Palin peeking at color-coded cue cards, things written on her arm, or notes pinned to her sleeve.

--See if Jonah Goldberg calls Biden a fascist.

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