Palin in comparison: Seven more problems for the Veep nominee

I think we can assume that this is not how the McCain team was hoping the rollout would go. The new allegations, discoveries, rumors, and accusations are flying so fast I can no longer process the wheat from the chafe, and can only point you the way and have you sort it out for yourselves.

--ABC News says Palin is allegedly trying to stall the Troopergate report from coming out before the election; investigation head says that the report is "likely to be damaging to the Governor's administration."

--Palin used her line-item veto to slash funds to help teen women in the same, um, condition as her daughter.

--National Enquirer says A) the campaign announced Bristol's pregnancy because Enquirer had the story, not to quell the other Internet rumors as claimed; B) Palin planned to secretly marry Bristol to the boyfriend after the RNC, and then reveal the pregnancy, but Bristol refused to go along with the plan; and C) Troopergate relatives with an axe to grind are prompting "multiple sources to come forward with shocking allegations about the governor."

--Palin had a side business that she failed to disclose as required.

--Palin took campaign contributions from VECO Corp., the company that Ted Stevens is in big trouble for dealing with.

--Us Magazine introduces Palin to the world as a one-woman scandal sheet.

--Alaskan who likes Palin predicts she'll be off the ticket in two weeks; among other things he asserts that Palin believes Real ID is the mark of the devil.

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