Quick Thoughts On NH

--My own interpretation of the "Clinton Miracle," for what it's worth, is that Clinton voters were slightly more motivated to get to the polls (and wait in the lines) because their candidate was perceived to be in trouble, and because her passion in the last couple of days made them more certain of their choice. Add to that a certain number of women who changed their vote from Edwards to Hillary because of his asinine comment that her misty eyes should disqualify her from being commander-in-chief. Nitwit.

--According to exit polling, Romney won only among: those "enthusiastic" about the Bush administration; those wanting the next President to be "more conservative" than Bush; those who "strongly oppose" civil unions; those who want to deport all illegal immigrants; those whose household income is $200,000 or more; those who "strongly approve" of the Iraq War; and those self-described as "very conservative." Perhaps most important, Romney beat McCain 55-16 among those who said that immigration is the most important issue.

--Will Romney now turn into a global warming denier to beat McCain in auto-industry-dominated Michigan?

--If Romney drops out now, by my estimate he will have spent more than $1 million of his own money per delegate won.

--Rudy G., still trying to crack that double-digit barrier!

Much more later, I promise....

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