Post-Debate Thoughts

--Good night for McCain, I'd say.

--There were a few moments, particularly during the immigration debate, when the relatively "party faithful" candidates (McCain, Giuliani, Thompson) seemed to be saying 'Hey, let's not stomp on each other in public, fellas' to Romney and Huckabee. GOP loyalists, and there are still lots of 'em in New Hampshire, not to mention elsewere, may be starting to worry about how the nastiness may effect the party's chances in November.

--At one point, Huckabee was listing all the taxes he'd eliminate and mentioned 'death,' as in the estate tax. Fred Thompson cut in, teasingly asking whether Huckabee had just promised to eliminate death. Good enough. Huckabee picked up the gibe and pointed out that in his previous vocation he had worked on eliminating death. Thompson shot back: "Didn't work very well, sorry."

Oh dear. You see, Freddie, your good friend Bill sitting to your left was an evangelical preacher. He helped people conquer, or "eliminate" death, by bringing them to Christ, in whose grace they will live forever after the Judgment. There is a great deal written about this topic in a book that I highly recommend you not jokingly contradict if you want to be the Republican nominee for President. 

--Earlier today, the Romney campaign sent out an email to supporters, asking people to participate in a call-from-home outreach. The email header was "Rewrite History." I wouldn't use those words if I was the Romney campaign.

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