And The Dems

Hey John and Barack... are you two in luuuuuuuuuuv???

Boy oh boy do they want this to become a two-person race between them -- and without that icky girl.

I thought Edwards did very well -- I think he gave the real lefties reason to think that he'd fight harder for what they believe in than Obama. I think he might have won himself votes in western NH, which is increasingly, a la western Mass, populated with elite liberal upstate NY diaspora.

I also thought Clinton was very good -- especially when she got riled up at the boys and gave them a good talking-to about doing rather than talking (with actual specific examples).

Obama never has struck me as very good at the debates, and I thought he did better than usual. But his problem tonight was that a lot of people -- in NH and nationally -- were likely tuning in to find out for the first time what the fuss is all about with this Obama guy's supposed magical superpowers of inspirational oratory. That's a tough standard to live up to.

And you know, Bill Richardson was pretty good too, I thought. As if that matters.

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