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The Concord Monitor's first post-Iowa polling numbers have just been posted: McCain by six over Romney, the rest way back; Obama and Clinton essentially tied, with Edwards hanging around tough at 23%.  Zogby and 7News/Suffolk numbers came earlier in the day; CNN has numbers coming at 6:00 [Update: CNN's polling is almost identical to the Monitor's, with McCain by 6 and an Obama/Clinton tie], just before the back-to-back debates from "St. A's," as one of my new New Hampshire acquaintences has taught me to refer to it. (But I still can't ever seem to pronounce "Coos" correctly.)

Meanwhile, Romney won Wyoming, home state of Dick Cheney.

A lot of undecided Republicans up in the Granite State, from my conversations. Very little fertile soil for Huckabee; a lot of potential re-consideration of Rudy G., but his organization and presence is so pathetic, I doubt those sales will get closed.

Oh, and Romney's into single-toned crew-neck sweaters these days, if you're looking for something nice for his 61st birthday in March.

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