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--Whoever wrote this a couple of weeks ago must be some kinda genius, if I say so myself:

PREDICTION On the Republican side, Huckabee wins Iowa .... For the Democrats, Iowa goes Obama-Edwards-Clinton

--Speaking of geniuses... even though I still say Hillary will win the nomination, you've got to hand it to my man Steven Stark for making Obama the favorite from the get-go.

--Judging by the turnout estimates and the entrance polls, it seems that 50,000 people under age 30 caucused for the Democrats, and 13,000 for the Republicans, a nearly 4-to-1 ratio.

--Romney and his minions were out last night saying, in just about so many words, "well, what do you expect, evangelicals are gonna vote for an evangelical." Such grace in defeat!

--Just when you think Freddie "Is The Writer's Strike Over Yet So I Can Go Back To Work?" Thompson can't find a new way to sabotage himself, he gets all over the news the day of the caucuses with reports that he's already decided to drop out. Way to inspire your voters, Fredster!

--According to reports, Richardson and Biden first-round voters -- 13% of the total according to entrance polls -- were largely obeying orders and switching en masse to Obama on the second round. The idea was to knock Edwards out, leaving an potential opening for a second-tier candidate to make a charge in New Hampshire. Obama would have won anyway, but the margin might have been half as impressive. Biden (and Dodd) had to drop out anyway, and Richardson will soon follow, so all they've done is get Mama Clinton PISSED at them for the remainder of their natural lives.

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