McCain: Keep Teddy Ballgame Frozen

Why has this not become a campaign issue until now? Reuters reports that a New Hampshire voter asked John McCain to take Ted Williams's body out of cryonic freeze and have it cremated, as the Splendid Splinter desired. (Hat tip, as they say, goes to Halperin's The Page for finding this one.)

McCain replied that, much as he loves Teddy Ballgame, even as President he won't have the power to intercede with John Henry W.'s decision.

Is this the post-Schiavo world we live in, when pandering candidates won't tell New Englanders they'll step in to save the great one? I say, get all the candidates on the record. I'm sure a couple will promise to save the Splinter. (Heck, one or two might even vow to bring him back to life and put him back in left field.)

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