• July 03, 2007
    By David S. Bernstein

    Boston's at-large city council race frequently gets more than eight candidates for the four seats. To narrow the field to a manageable number, the city holds a preliminary election, in which the top eight get on the final ballot. Almost always, the full field includes candidates with no decent shot at winning a seat, so the prelim is really just a costly process for throwing a few of these hopeless folks off the ballot.

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  • July 02, 2007
    By David S. Bernstein

    Congratulations to Charlotte Golar-Richie for being named a senior advisor to Deval Patrick -- or more aptly, congratulations to Deval Patrick for landing Charlotte Golar Richie. Well, no matter, most of us had figured that Golar-Richie would be working for Patrick eventually, and sooner rather than later.

    And poor Tom Menino, who has relied heavily on Golar Richie in recent years, now has yet another big job to fill.

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