Is That All Romney's Got?

The AP is reporting that Mitt Romney's financial assets -- which he's supposed to file next week but has been granted an extension for -- will be between $190 million and $250 million. In addition, the AP says, the kids' trust funds have another $70m - $100m. The AP doesn't mention the family charitable foundation, where they've put some more millions.

So we're looking at somewhere north of a quarter-billion, but well shy of a half-billion -- which frankly surprises me. I thought it would be around the $750,000,000 area.

Nobody on the outside has ever gotten a good look at his total holdings, but estimates over the years have started at $250m as early as during his 1994 Senate campaign, and gone up from there; a couple years back there was an estimate of at least a half-billion.

Bear in mind that Mitt's money is very, very, very well taken care of, so you can assume a pretty tasty growth every year. Of course, he supposedly tithes to the church, and I assume he counts investment income for that. Still, I would have thought that he'd be well above $500m by now.

Of course, what's a couple hundred million dollars really mean anyway?

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