Notorious Massachusetts Criminals

The new "Exhibit A" monthly publication from Lawyers Weekly names Massachusetts's "10 Most Notorious Criminals" as its debut cover story. It's striking which criminals become "notorious," or perhaps more accurately, which victims. All of the victims are white, and the list is dominated by those who harm women (Willie Horton, Richard Rosenthal, Eddie O'Brien, James Kater), children (Louise Woodward, The Amiraults, Paul Shanley), or both (Kenneth Seguin). The exceptions are Whitey Bulger, who had many victims (allegedly), and failed shoe bomber Richard Reid, who had none. The crimes were primarily suburban.

And when you start thinking of who's missing, you really have more of the same. No surprise really, but I just thought I'd raise the issue, as I've recently written about the reality and perception of violence against women. Plus, let's face it, lists are fun. Here are a quick 20 I would nominate; if some don't ring a bell... well, that's why God created Google. Please, add your suggestions!

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
The "Big Dan's" rapists
Lizzie Borden
The Brinks Robbery Gang
Albert DeSalvo
John Geoghan
Kristen Gilbert
Charlie Jaynes
Christopher McCowen
Michael McDermott
Jesse Pomeroy
Charles Ponzi
James Porter
Katherine Ann Power
Jacques Robidoux
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti
John Salvi
Gary Sampson
Michael Skakel
Charles Stuart

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