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Now if someone forms a "The Secret" Believers for President Clinton group, can they both get the result they visualize?

"The Secret" Believers for President Obama
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I created this group for all those that know "The Secret". I, as probably most of you, saw this on "Oprah" recently. In a nutshell the program promotes the power of positive visualization and the law of attraction. We all have heard about this concept in some form over years, i.e motivational speakers, seminars, etc. However, this truly seems to break down "The Secret". There is a website that you can do more research on the concept and check out Oprah's website. I have seen the movie and it has changed my life!! Everyday, my plan is to be grateful for many things and visualize having everything that i want in life including My Newly elected President Barack Obama!! I truly believe and visualize him as our President right now!!! We all need to ASK for what we want everyday, BELIEVE everyday that he is our next president, and that goal will be ACHIEVED and RECEIVED in 2008!!! Believe me it works!!!

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