Not in his official capacity?

Oh, Deval. I don't know what the proper ethics are regarding his phone call to Citigroup to vouch for his old friends at Ameriquest, as reported in today's Globe. But it doesn't help to suggest that it's OK because he wasn't acting in his capacity as governor.

Sure, and Tom Reilly was acting as a friend, not in his capacity as AG when he called the Worcester DA about that driving fatality a year ago. When you hold a position of power, you don't get to pretend that your power is irrelevant in circumstances of your choosing.

In addition, the last thing Patrick should be doing is anything remotely Ameriquest-related.

I'm of the opinion that Patrick got a remarkable free pass during the campaign on his involvement with Ameriquest -- and frankly, he's been lucky that his relationship with that company hasn't been brought up recently, as Massachusetts has been drowning in foreclosures thanks in large part to that company's predatory loans. It's reasonable to ask, I think, what his attitude is about this very serious problem, and whether that attitude is tainted by his experience at Ameriquest.

In any event, not a good story for an administration that's been low on good stories lately.

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