Governor's radio hour

Deval Patrick just wrapped a one-hour appearance with Eagan and Braude on 96.9, taking questions from callers -- he'll be doing this once a month with them.

I thought he did a very good job on the superficial level of handling calls and sounding good on radio, but also on speaking intelligently on the issues. Of course, he's always talked a good game.

I'm not the media critic around here, but I thought the show's hosts and producers did a great job with a very difficult format -- the questions covered a wide range of topics (not just an endless barrage about police details); few of the callers rambled on too obnoxiously; and Eagan and Braude mostly stayed on the sidelines and let Patrick talk, while doing just enough to keep the show moving and light.

Patrick's still not revealing much about his upcoming budget, although he did say that on the 1000 new cops promise, the new budget will probably expend for roughly 200 or 250 as a starter. (He has previously said the full 1000 in year 1 is unrealistic, but I haven't heard him give a range before.) Patrick also didn't exactly make it sound as though Spence's job at DSS is safe in the wake of this most recent horror show.

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