Dems to Denver

After much delay, the Democratic National Committee has finally decided, and they're going to Denver, not New York, for the 2008 national convention. Howard Dean has sent out a release, and will make it official later this afternoon.

Colorado is a red state rapidly turning blue. Its 9 electoral votes went to Bush by a mere 100,000 votes in '04, and at the same time elected a Democratic Senator (Ken Salazar, a short-list VP possibility). In '06 the state easily elected a Democratic governor to an open seat.

The Democratic nominating convention going there might not only help the Democrat Presidential nominee's chances in the state, but could boost Congressman Mark Udall's chances of taking the Senate seat now held by Republican Wayne Allard. It could also have a regional affect. Of course, these effects, if any, are bound to be slight.

The GOP decided some time ago to hold their convention in Minneapolis.

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