Romney's Iowa memo: THE traditional marriage champion

From the Caucus Cooler, here's an excerpt from a memo that Mitt Romney's people in Iowa have apparently been sending out, in response to McCain's people faxing around the NY Times article about Romney's 1994 gay-lovin' campaign:

As you may know, an article is being circulated today by supporters of Sen. John McCain as an attempt to mislead voters about Governor Mitt Romney's unwavering support for traditional marriage. In fact, his record of defending marriage is unassailable, and frankly is unmatched by any other political figure in America.

Governor Romney has NEVER supported civil unions or gay marriage -- not only has he not supported it but he has been THE champion battling to preseve traditional marriage on the frontlines. He does believe, however, that we should be a tolerant nation. America is not a punitive, mean-spirited, or bigoted country.

Personally, I don't think Romney has a flip-flop problem on this one (as opposed to abortion, where he does). His potential political problem here is that he doesn't care much about homosexuals one way or the other, except as a political tool, which makes him look weak on this issue to those who ARE punitive, mean-spirited, and bigoted. How much he needs their votes in the GOP primaries is an open question.

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