Reading material from the Right

To give you some reading material on this wintry weekend, I've selected some new items from right-wing think tanks that you might want to peruse.

First, from the new magazine of the American Enterprise Institute, an interesting article by Matthew Rees about our man Mitt, titled Mister PowerPoint Goes to Washington. It's overly fawning, but gives a pretty good sense of Romney the businessman.

You have every right to be wary of a panel discussion at The Hudson Institute titled "How Vast the Left Wing Conspiracy," but the transcript turns out to be a chance for Rob Stein of Democracy Alliance and Gary LaMarche of the Soros Institute to talk about what they're trying to do.

The free-market Pacific Research Institute takes a pretty in-depth look at the new Massachusetts health-care reform plan in a white paper called "Questionable Cure for a Questionable Crisis." Although you might (as I do) disagree with the Institute's core assumptions, this is no screed; it's a serious analysis worth reading.

And finally, for the net-heads, a short essay from the Progress and Freedom Foundation, "Net Neutrality and the Role of the States." (And, if you're feeling more ambitious, PFF has posted a slightly dated but still interesting transcript of its CEO luncheon featuring Sen. Ted Stevens and others.)

Happy reading!

[David S. Bernstein]



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