mAss Backwards, RIP?

Bruce of mAss Backwards happens to be one off my best friends, going back to long-ago college days, so I have my own personal reasons to be sad that he's packed up and moved to New Hampshire. But I think it's a loss for the Boston political blogosphere as well.

Obviously, Bruce and I disagree pretty completely about policy and political ideology -- which, by my reckoning, makes him wrong about almost everything. But I think he's a good blogger: smart, funny, highly readable, and original. He hasn't stopped blogging yet, but I imagine if he does keep it up he'll mostly be pointing his BS detector at Granite State targets from now on. (Quick warning to Presidential candidates doing the Main Street hand-shaking thing: the guy with the short blond hair is highly opinionated, doesn't like politicians, and is probably armed.)

The loss of one blog wouldn't be worth mentioning, but for the sad void of local conservative voices on the Web.

Peter Porcupine is way down on the Cape, and posts too seldom; so too Mass. Conservative News and Mass. GOP News and Views. Pundit Review, Car Pundit, Jules Crittenden's new Moving Forward and New England Republican all have potential, but pay too little interest to local issues. As for the Margolis brothers at Hub Politics (and their various sister sites)... well, the less said the better.

There are also some local-area blogs for the truly hate-filled, including Republican Voices and Mass Resistance, but I get bored too easily with exposes of "HomoFascist Thuggery."

I know there are smart, witty conservatives in this state -- Democrat, Republican, and Independent. So, where are the good blogs?

[by David S. Bernstein]

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