The Morning After: national blog wrap

Quick snapshot of what various national web eminences are talking about today:

--Josh Marshall warns that George Allen will try to steal the VA Senate election, if he hasn't already.

--Andrew Sullivan calls for Don Rumsfeld's firing and wonders if Bush will tap Joe Lieberman as Sec. of Defense, thereby allowing Repub. CT Governor Jodi Rell to appoint a Republican replacement--and keeping the Dems from controlling the Senate.

--At Hugh Hewitt's blog (he's conservative, kids), Dean Barnett blames the GOP for its own woes and urges George Allen not to litigate in hopes of keeping his Senate seat. Meanwhile, Hewitt himself salivates about all the fun conservative pundits are going to have over the next few years.

--The National Review's The Corner says a bunch of stupid shit, and seems totally unchastened (?) by yesterday's results.

--Daily Kos helpfully reprints an update on MT and VA futures from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, but doesn't do much else.

--And at MyDD, Matt Stoller cautions: don't hold your breath for bipartisanship.

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