Governor's race a snoozer?

So says the Globe's Russell Nichols, who begins his article on the Tom Reilly-Deval Patrick tax battle thusly:

The sleepy governor's race stirred to life yesterday, with Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly charging that voters "cannot trust" Democratic rival Deval L. Patrick on taxes, and Patrick firing back that Reilly has switched positions on the issue. [emphasis added]

What in Sam Hill is going on here?!?

Call me naive, but I'd say the gov's race has been pretty dramatic, at least on the Democratic side. Tom Reilly looked to have the nomination locked up, then botched things horribly earlier this year. Deval Patrick went from obscure insurgent to frontrunner. Chris Gabrieli got revenge on Reilly (who'd wooed and then spurned him as a running mate) by jumping in the race late, spending zillions of dollars, and taking over Patrick's frontrunner spot, at least according to one poll. And now Reilly--who somehow managed to stay viable--is making a final aggressive push for the nomination that was supposed to be his all along.

Russell, my man: what more do you want?

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