Killer Coke, cont.

Since the Phoenix's web site seems to be shipshape again, after what can only be described as a rough patch last week, I'm taking this opportunity to belatedly flog my recent opus on Killer Coke-gate. Some parts of the story are a bit dated--most notably, both the Herald's Kim Atkins and the Globe's Frank Phillips have since reported on the mini-scandal--but I believe my take on what the whole episode says about the Tom Reilly campaign holds up. (Plus, you'll get to see a pic of Ray Rogers, Mr. Killer Coke himself!)

Also, here's an anecdote that may be of interest. When I watched Rogers outside Deval Patrick's event in Southie a couple weeks back, at least half of Rogers' limited manpower was provided by a few guys who looked to be union members. I tried talking with these dudes (who were actually holding up two anti-Patrick banners), and they were way, way standoffish; also, when I snapped a few photos of the event, they made sure to hold the anti-Patrick banners up over their faces.

I'm assuming they came from a union that's supporting Tom Reilly. But who knows? Maybe they were contractors working on Chris Gabrieli's place.

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