Second Suffolk poll, heavy on the salt

Got the following press release from Sonia Chang-Díaz's campaign yesterday. Long story short: when Chang-Díaz partisans talk up their candidate and hammer Dianne Wilkerson, voters think Chang-Díaz sounds good and Wilkerson sounds bad.

The first number is eye-catching: only 35 percent of respondents think Wilkerson deserves to be re-elected. But a question I'd like to see--"If the election were held today, which Democratic candidate would you vote for," etc.--is nowhere to be found.

Poll Results Show Voters Want a Change

Second Suffolk District Open to Chang-Díaz's Candidacy

ROXBURY – The Chang-Díaz for State Senate Campaign released internal polling results today demonstrating strong support for Chang-Díaz's message of change and high levels of voter dissatisfaction with incumbent Dianne Wilkerson. This internal poll of likely voters for the September 19 th Democratic Primary indicates that the district is looking for change and that Chang-Díaz has a strong opportunity to unseat Wilkerson in next month's election.

Polling Results:

The district is ready for change: only 35% of respondents said that Dianne Wilkerson deserves re-election.

This is an unusually low number for an incumbent State Senator, especially among Democratic primary voters. With only a little more than a third of the electorate believing that Wilkerson deserves to be returned to the Senate, this is a clear mark of the incumbent's vulnerability.

Once voters hear about Dianne Wilkerson's documented legal and ethical transgressions, they are even less likely to vote for her.

Over half of respondents said they would be less likely to vote for Dianne Wilkerson once they learn about her legal and ethical transgressions. Further more, 48.7% said they would be more likely to vote for Chang-Díaz once they learn that she is running against Wilkerson because of these legal and ethical problems.

Voters are drawn to Sonia Chang-Díaz's background and message.

The poll tested voter response to Chang-Díaz's bio, her background, her agenda, and her reasons for running. Each of these pieces of information drew strong positive support and virtually no negative response.

Voters appreciate Dianne Wilkerson's positions on the issues...but don't believe that is enough to re-elect her .

The poll tested Wilkerson's bio, her record, and a positive message on her behalf. The poll finds that although respondents appreciate her stance on the issues and her legislative record, only a minority of the electorate feels this makes her deserving of re-election.

Once voters learn about Sonia Chang-Díaz, her background, and why she is running, they support her – and her support increases to within the margin of error.

Dianne Wilkerson's name recognition is strong in the district, as would be expected.

Over the course of the poll, however, as respondents learn more about Chang-Díaz's background, her experience, her agenda, and why she is running, they open up to her in substantial numbers. Towards the end of the poll, respondents are asked, given what they now know about each candidate, who they plan to support in the September 19 th election – and on this question, Chang-Díaz  closes to within the margin of error.

These polling results are a clear indication that the Second Suffolk Senate District is ready for change. Voters are frustrated with Dianne Wilkerson's continual legal and ethical transgressions, and they are excited by Sonia Chang-Díaz's message of leadership we can all be proud of. Second Suffolk voters are ready and willing to choose Sonia Chang-Díaz to be their next State Senator.  


Sample size: 297.

Margin of error: +/- 5.6% (95% confidence level).

Poll was of voters who identified themselves as likely to vote in the September 19th Democratic primary.

Poll Dates July 10th – 13th

Pollster: Dan Cohen, Connection Strategies

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