St. Patrick, indeed

Deval Patrick's campaign just distributed a letter from their guy to the other Democratic candidates for the Massachusetts governor's job.

Strategically, this is a good move on Patrick's part. If his suggestions are accepted, he gets credit for keeping the race clean and helping the MA Democratic Party out; if they're rejected, he looks high-minded compared to his opponents. And, of course, his proposals have substantive appeal as well.

Here's the full text--complete with the original formatting!


Thomas F. Reilly, Democrat for Governor

Tom Reilly Committee
270 Congress Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02210


Chris Gabrieli, Democrat for Governor

The Gabrieli Committee

164 Canal Street, 4th Floor

Boston, MA 02114


Dear Tom and Chris:


There can be no doubt that our Party’s divisive and late primaries have contributed to the difficulty Democrats have had in winning the race for Governor of Massachusetts.  I hope you agree that too much is at stake for our Party, our Commonwealth and, frankly, the Nation for us not to learn from this history.


Yesterday, at the Victory ’06 launch, our Party chair called for unity.  All three of us stood with him in agreement that if we work together we can deliver a Democratic victory in November.  I believe that.


In that spirit, I am asking you to join me in committing to a plan to assure a dignified, substantive primary, and a Democratic victory in November.  I propose three parts to the plan:


First, join me in agreeing to actively support the Democratic nominee — whoever of us it may be —beginning the morning after the primary vote.  To be successful this year, we will not have the luxury of prolonging our own differences once the primary is over.


Second, join me in a pledge against negative advertising.  Specifically, let’s agree not to name any other Democratic candidate in any of our respective campaign’s paid advertising.  Let’s keep our focus on substance and vision, on why we, as individuals and as Democrats, should hold the highest executive office in Massachusetts.  It is what the voters want and deserve.


Third, let's commit to at least one media-sponsored debate each month between now and the primary.  It can be on television, the radio or the Internet.  Let’s do some with Spanish and Portuguese outlets, as well as in additional languages that may be helpful to voters.  We have real and principled differences in vision and policy.  Let’s give the voters a chance to choose based on substance, not just rhetoric.


I ask you to join me in these three, simple concepts.  I believe this is a better way to present a spirited and exciting primary to Democratic primary voters, and to ensure a Democratic victory in November.


I look forward to your prompt response.



Deval L. Patrick

Democratic Candidate for Governor


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