Revise and repeat*

Compare and contrast:

"You know how the tournament goes, and how the teams go. They go from 64 to 32 to 16. Kind of like my poll numbers, folks."

--Gubernatorial hopeful Tom Reilly, at the March 19 St. Patrick's Day Breakfast. (Thanks to Jon Keller for the transcription.)

"Everybody's excited about March Madness, the big NCAA tournament? Here's how it works: It starts at 65, then 64, then 32, then 16. It's just like Bush's approval rating."

--David Letterman, in his March 14 monologue. (Click here for video if you'd got Real Player.)

Not that it's a great joke or anything, but still.

*NOTE: While I'd originally titled this post "Reilly's Biden Moment?," I didn't actually think that Reilly's recycling of Letterman's schtick was truly problematic. I plead guilty to overstatement!  (Obviously, Massachusetts politicians aren't the only ones who have trouble being funny.) Anonymous, thanks for calling bullshit on this, and also for pointing out that Reilly was hardly the only politician to recycle yesterday.

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