More on Mitt's Big Love problem

Will Big Love, the new HBO show about a polygamous Mormon family, hurt Mitt Romney's presidential chances?

That's a question posed in this Guardian column, which is well worth reading. (BTW, if it wasn't for Bob at Blue Mass Group, I wouldn't even have known the Guardian piece existed. Bob, you've done us all a service.)

I'll be watching a couple episodes of the show in the next day or two. Once the screening is complete, I'll report back post haste.

Until then, let me just note that Romney's best joke at last year's St. Patrick's Day breakfast made fun of Mormons and polygamy. It went something like this: As you all know, I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. And a woman. And a woman. (It was funnier in person. Seriously.)

Given the LDS Church's polygamous past, Romney's pontification about how marriage had been unchanged for 3000 years always annoyed me. (It also left me confused.) But even though I think Romney's treatment of the gay-marriage issue is reckless and disgusting, I actually laughed out loud when the governor did his schtick last March. If Romney keeps blending this kind of self-deprecating humor with the earnest entreaties he's been making to Southern evangelicals, he just might be able to do for Mormons what John F. Kennedy did for Catholics.

Finally, let me remind everybody that Romney's faith could turn out to be a big asset, too.

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