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Hi all, as the xmas season approaches, dragging along New Year's, and the moon waxes I want to remind you that I DO answer letters in this space. Sometimes it takes a little while b/c C*mC*st my local "server" seems to be running on #4 oil on a cold day, but so far so good. So, here's a letter from a reader: Hi Sally, I am a Leo-rising - how will the Mars retrograde affect me? Second question is I have Venus in Cancer - how will the lunar eclipse on the 31st affect me? Thanks! Jodi Jodi, I'm recalling you as a Gemini, so you've got a 12th house sun or thereabouts (distinctive laugh). Having Mars move thru your ascendent will make you SEEM more decided than you are, and that could be amplified during the rx, which is today through early March. Mars Rxs, like Mercury Rxs actually have some good qualities. Say you don't want to commit to something just yet. Or you feel you need more information to analyze and then make a decision. Rxs give us more time and with Mars hurtling through (and a helpful angle from Jupiter (still in Aquarius) and Saturn in Libra, you may find you're more "probing" than hitherto. Lunar eclipses are NOT fun and since it's a lunar eclipse in Cancer, the Cancer, Aries, Cap and Libra people may have an emotional melt down. Chart who's in your life and what's up then and see how it plays out. I really hate eclipses....
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