• December 20, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    Hi all, as the xmas season approaches, dragging along New Year's, and the moon waxes I want to remind you that I DO answer letters in this space. Sometimes it takes a little while b/c C*mC*st my local "server" seems to be running on #4 oil on a cold day, but so far so good. So, here's a letter from a reader: Hi Sally, I am a Leo-rising - how will the Mars retrograde affect me? Second question is I have Venus in Cancer - how will the lunar eclipse on the 31st affect me? Thanks! Jodi Jodi, I'm recalling you as a Gemini, so you've got a 12th house sun or thereabouts (distinctive laugh).

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  • December 02, 2009
    By Symboline Dai
    follow me on twitter. I'm trying to tweet. Follow me on Facebook, I'm trying to friend. But most of all, I'm trying to get thru this full moon without committing a felony towards those who live on a cloud. If you have two options, choose the better one, don't reject both.
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