Hi Sally, Like you, I am a Libra (oct 21, 1971 @9:09am, @ Eglin AFB, Ft. Walton Beach, FL). I dont know if its just me, but it seems that the last 3years or so has been complete craziness....i am just starting to feel as if ive 'gotten a grip' on things and i can breathe a little easier, but have lost much throughout this period, family, friends, & possesions. Pretty much i have always had a positive attitude about my situation, knowing that things couldnt get any worse...but i need some confirmation from you. : ) Is it okay to breath now....or should i keep myself prepared for the worst in the upcoming year? Please help! Cathy

Cathy, it's a Saturn square that's stirred up the pot. That's a long-term rotation, plus you're so close to Scorpio that being "upfront" with feelings doesn't come easily. You've got Venus/Mars squared, which always makes difficulties re: personal relationships. It's not a deal-breaker but it DOES mean you could be one of those folks who are happier alone. If you're gay, it could also indicate you like a partner who's both intense and breezy, eccentric, mostly. Early November was another "growing up" period which you'll revisit in February. In my experience Libra spends a lot of time with people whom one pleases, versus people who please one. Get in tune with the moon 2 days after new moon (when you were born). That's the time you'll have the most useful essential truths about yourself emerge....thanks for writing.
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