mercury rx

meetings start late...meetings go long...other appointments are missed, misfiled, forgotten. phone calls are made and not completed. the phone is lost. wristwatch lost, programs lost, tivo reset, disconnected, time mismanaged, meetings end too soon, messages aren't delivered, messages are misheard, important documents are misspelled. 1000 times. /p> This is my informal count of Merc. Rx as it's been unfolding around me and what people have told me. And I STILL can't find my stainless steel seiko watch I bought for $5 in St. Louis in 1999 which works great and I'm still not sure I'm happy with my citizen watch which supposedly runs on daylight which I sure as heck don't run on. Happy birthday Scorpios, including: nancy I, Pete Greelish, Deb Frost, Chuck, Ed Siegel, Melissa Houston (where is she??), Lucie Cragin and Deb Morgan. Scorpios are secretive but they always have good secrets!

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