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Visit I've written about these products twice, once for a Llewellyn almanac and also for the Boston Globe. Suki makes all-natural, vegan cosmetics and a line that's really gentle on the skin as well as effective. I am hooked to the point where I tossed all the other skin-care stuff. I've always been wary of products with a lo-o-o-ong line of chemical ingredients and preservatives and what's great about Suki is that the ingredients are herbs, oils, and other natural products. The lemon cleanser is really refreshing and their skin cream and shiitake toner is a treat. This is the real deal, plus Suki is a Massachusetts company (Suki is a real person and when I've spoken to her on the phone has that enthusiasm and knowledgeability you look for in people doing a unique variety of work).

You can mailorder their line or find it at Wholefoods. And what is the astrological aspect of this particular entry? Capricorn rules the skin (also joints and knees), and though there are no planets rolling through Capricorn right now but moon in Cancer puts our mind towards home and security. Cancer is a very consistent sign and I was just reminded that I've been more faithful to Suki than most other products (okay, Chanel eye shadow since my delightfully misspent youth as a rock critic). Seriously, though, I love this stuff.

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