where does it go...

...the time, I mean. It's still August and the nights are cold again. I am not ready to surrender swimming time! And I wrote a comment to the poster on the previous comment, so here it is again. My experience with people with natal planets Rx is that those folks are actually in good shape when transiting planets Rx. So, if you've got natal Mercury Rx you actually communicate BETTER when Mercury goes Rx. With Venus Rx, I'd say that one's instincts towards love, lust, like, magnetism would be compromised UNLESS one has natal Venus Rx.

How's that? Okay, here's my pledge, since we just had a new moon. I will update EVERY DAY for the rest of August BUT you people better start commenting.....Oh, and I'm on WCRN AM tomorrow with Hank Stolz at 10 am
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