...7 gallons of granola....

All this fire sign activity ignited my crafting impulses beyond what I anticipated, mostly because this was the year I was determined that I would not purchase any presents for Xmas. If I had purchased something for someone earlier in the year, that was one thing, but everyone is getting my calendar, or my moon signs almanac, or the wonderful herbal craft almanac LLewellyn published (I have articles in both), as well as things made out of buttons, beads, granola, sculpy, feathers, shrinky-dinks and so on. At this point in my life it is really amusing to find everything I loved at age 12 (making things, baking things, writing things, putting on shows) is exactly what I seem to be doing now. When we visited our cousins, my cousin John who is an engineer who builds things that go way beyond the lunar orbit showed us his upstairs toy room which is filled with power tools and motorized saws from the 1930s onward. Most of these sound like jet engines when they're going and he's got a block and tackle to move larger constructions downstairs. And we just had a visit from my friend Pete Greelish who is a champion scavenger (skibbie, in his parlance, string-savin'-cheap-yankee-bastid in mine) of objects left by the side of the road. The urge to create has been prevalent in the species for -- easily -- 50,000 years and probably earlier if you consider tools. Did you make any Christmas presents???
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