please don't tell me i can't have caffeeeeeeeeeeeineeeeee

I got this really great coffee maker a month ago. An "Aeropress" (sorry no link), and it makes DEMONICALLY great coffee. The problem is that 4 cups of espresso adds up, volume-wise to about 2 cups of my moomintroll coffee cup set. So it was easy to drink tons of this. And tons obviously wasn't enough because I got an Athena-in-the-head-of-jove-style headache on Friday and only woke up (for good) today after deathdealing pain. Now, I come from a loooong line of Yankees who say nothing before stroking out in their 90s and this was NOT fun. And coffee drinking was one of my last great pleasures! And I was reminded the time I got Robert Polito's girlfriend Kristine smashed at the MIT bar in the late 80s. We were drinking tequila and I could have sworn that an 8 oz. glass of mezcal was THE SAME as a similar size glass of beer.

Whoops! Someday I will write my memoirs but only after many, many people have passed on. What's this got to do with astrology? Last quarter moon in Leo -- we had a swell birthdayparty at my beloved inlaws tonight and my little Leo offspring partied to the point of removing his shoes in the car and telling his feet: "I want to give babytoe a bath. No, not you other toes."

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