Friday the 13

There is lots of folklore about why this is considered a bad day, but for me, as a Libra, moon in Cancer days are always way too defensive. Thursday and Friday was all about this lunar phase and if you’re reading my other material on this site, you were, hopefully, forewarned.
In the course of my astrology research I read a ton of blogs, mostly by women and I’m ALWAYS amazed at how personally forthcoming people are about the minutia of their lives. This blog is really for you, the reader, to report on astrological observations and to get my take on it. As a 10th (11th??) generation New Englander on my father’s side, frankness isn’t really welcome. Although my whole professional life as a journalist has been spent listening to other people talk. It’s amazing what you can figure out by talking out loud, but more importantly, by listening. Some sun signs are predisposed to listen more carefully than others, but even with an earth/fire sign sun, if there’s an interesting water planetary placement, some sensitivity is indicated.
I’m in the process of trying to organize a terrifying number and variety of writing projects and figuring out a way to move everything along. I’m thinking I might have to do one at a time (which is what I do until I’m bored or another deadline comes along). I’m also wanting a sabbatical (not from this column – being a newspaper astrologer is a lifelong commitment – or could get me committed!). There’s just never enough time…
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