moon vs. sun

Nikalya writes: "on what basis moonsigns and sunsigns will differentiate?"
Just to review: your moon sign is the sign the moon was in when you were born (this changes every 2.5 days or so). Your sun sign is the sign the sun was in when you were born (born today, you’re Gemini). Your moon sign shows your emotional temperament, your relationship with your mother, your relationship with femininity, feminine expectations, attitude towards the home and security issues. Your sun sign is more about identity. How they work together is always interested, and someone who identifies themselves as a "double" sign usually means sun and moon together (or sun and ascendant). And if you have your moon AND sun in the same sign it means the moon was new when you were born. Those folks, just judging from my client base and personal experience, are the ones who are always tentatively optimistic. Don’t forget, I’m yacking on WTAG AM, this Friday morning.


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I get so many letters there’s no way I can answer individual queries without posting them. So, what you send me is what I will print, with editing for grammar and mechanics and so on. If you’re writing just to vent, and don’t care about getting a reply, please tell me. I will not post your email address, and I will delete your last name from your letter. And I am available for individual forecasts. You can find information about that at I really enjoy having clients, and have a detailed form that asks circumstances and dates so I can construct a "map" of what’s happened when/why/how. And "Sally Cragin’s Moon Signs Calendar" for 2006 which features a daily Lunar Phase is finally done. Visit and click on the store to see.
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