Shitload of Pics from Tonight's Massive March Down Sixth and Tom Morello #OccupySXSW Show

After an unbelievably long week of workshops and shows, titanic blunts and dozens of rap sets, I had reservations about joining Occupy Austin (also known as OATX online) for a Friday night romp across Sixth Street, the heart of both downtown and SXSW. My feet are bloody at this point, and I knew that an Occupy march would only mess them up worse.

It turned out to be my favorite moment of the week though. The dance party-rally was actually small compared to what’s in store for the six month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in Austin tomorrow. Still there were hundreds of protesters, and more Occupy energy than I’ve seen just about anywhere else recently. More on this - and other Occupy SXSW activity - coming soon, but for now…. -Chris Faraone



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